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massive orgy
2003-09-28 | 12:23 p.m.

BEIJING (AFP) - Chinese people were up in arms about a three-day orgy allegedly held by a group of Japanese tourists and hundreds of Chinese prostitutes at a hotel in southern China on the anniversary of Japan's occupation of China.

Web surfers called Sunday for a boycott of Japanese goods and newspapers ran flaming editorials about the three-day event which many saw as a deliberate slur on China's pride.

A group of about 400 Japanese men, ranging in age from 37 to 16, flew into the city of Zhuhai, in Guangdong province purely for sex at a hotel that on one of those nights had nearly 500 girls brought to serve them, papers including the Beijing Youth Daily said.

The five-star hotel -- Zhuhai International Convention Center Hotel -- where the orgy, which began on September 16, took place has since been shut down by police.

"We've sent people down to investigate, but we don't have any details yet," a police official at the Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau told AFP.

A hotel staffer said Sunday there were no rooms available.

"We've completely shut down for rectification," a hotel employee said, but refused to comment further.

Media reports said the hotel marketing and sales department, using its contacts in Japan, had organized the group of all-male tourists from Japan to come to Zhuhai.

The hotel's night club 'madame' made contacts with numerous night clubs in the city to prepare a large group of girls for the men.

On the night of September 16, witnesses said the hotel lobby was run amuck with the tourists grabbing and hugging the women, with some men groping the women under their clothes all the way up the elevator ride to their rooms.

Doors to some of the rooms were left ajar and three to four girls could be seen or heard in one room, the Beijing Youth Daily report said.

Asked why they were in Zhuhai, one of the Japanese guests said: "We came to play with Chinese girls!"

The orgy lasted until September 18, the 72nd anniversary of the start of Japan's occupation of northeast China from 1931 to the end of World War II in 1945.

The women were paid 1,200 yuan (144 US dollars) to 1,800 yuan a night.

Interviewed by Chinese media, hotel managers said Japanese tourists regularly came to their hotel for prostitution services -- indicating the date may have been a coincidence.

But Chinese people reading the reports spewed anger on the Internet over what they considered an intentional act to choose the anniversary for their sexual spree to humiliate China.

"Japanese people deep in their bones look down on Chinese people and still there are so many of us who are gleeful at using Japanese products," said one person on the Chinese portal Sina.com's chatroom.

"A bunch of idiots we are!!!"

Others called for a boycott of Japanese goods.

"Don't buy Sony walkmans. Don't buy Guangzhou Honda," one irate netizen wrote.

Still others blamed the Chinese government for not cracking down on prostitution.

Since the news broke, it has generated a strong reaction from readers.

By Sunday afternoon, more than 14,700 comments on the issue had been posted on Sina.com's chatroom, a higher number compared to response on other topics.

Despite increasing trade and contact with Japan and the fact that Japan is China's largest trading partner, many Chinese continue to deeply resent Japan's wartime behavior, and the perception that Japan has not owned up to its wartime history.

Their resentment is fueled by the Chinese government and state-run media's frequent reminders of Japan's wartime atrocities.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai and other cities in the Pearl River delta adjoining Hong Kong have become centers for prostitution drawing girls from more impoverished parts of the country and men from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Prostitution has become a common phenomenon at Chinese hotels, even five-star establishments, in major cities, with prostitutes openly propositioning guests or calling them in their rooms.

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